Best Party Makeup Palettes


Best Party Makeup Palettes 

Festivities and parties are an “anytime and anywhere” call throughout the year. On these instances, women need all-in-one-makeup palettes to add a quick splash of color to their persona. However, the biggest challenge is to figure out the “RIGHT” palettes for perfect lips, glowing cheeks, and dreamy eyes. In trying to do so, we cough up our (really really) hard-earned paychecks and still make unwise decisions.

Therefore, we have gathered some of the top-notch yet economical colored trays to solve our common beauty problem. So, scroll down to find the best party makeup palettes to fulfill all your makeup needs in a single “GO!”

HUDA Highlighter Palette

Highlighter Palette

This Dubai based beauty brand is a definite YES for its Highlighter Palette. It has a unique cream formula that takes beauty regimen to the next level.

Dior Couture Colour Wardrobe

Dior_s Couture Colour Wardrobe

Dior’s Couture Colour Wardrobe is the game-changing beauty hack.  Yes – this single palette has all three makeup essentials: shimmering nudes, smoky shades, and three lip tints to glamorize a perfect evening.

Chanel Palette Essentielle

Chanel_s Palette Essentielle

Chanel’s Palette Essentielle is the perfect option for those seeking “within-a-minute-touch-up” hack for everyday makeup. The palette packs a light yet buildable concealer, a fantastic highlighter and a creamy lip and cheek color for a glowing look.

Bobbi Brown ’s Caviar & Rubies Eye Shadow Palette

Bobbi Brown_s Caviar & Rubies Eye Shadow Palette

Bobbi Brown’s Caviar & Rubies Eye Shadow Palette is a nifty thing for beautiful smoky eyes and jewel-toned makeup.  Give in to the mesmerizing burgundies, opulent gold, bronzes or royal blue hues in this palette.

Maybelline Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight palette

Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight palette

Maybelline has two remarkable palettes to offer this season. Try out its 24K Nudes Palette for an incredible staying power. Otherwise, get your hands on Total Temptation Shadow and Highlight palette to sparkle bolder shades. It also has a black matte tone that you can use as a liner.

Sephora Pro Dimensional Highlighting Palette

Sephora_s Pro Dimensional Highlighting Palette

Sephora’s Pro Dimensional Highlighting Palette is celestial. You wouldn’t want to miss chromatic highlighters in three super cool tones paired up with two cheeky glosses.

YSL Beauty Dazzling Lights Edition Makeup Palette

YSL_s Dazzling Lights Edition Makeup Palette

YSL’s Dazzling Lights Edition Makeup Palette is quite a useful option for ladies who want everything in a single palette. With its four bright eyeshades, blush, a highlighter, and lipstick, it has three mini brushes as well so you may boot up for any occasion anytime anywhere you want.

L.F. Mad for Matte 2 Palette

E.L.F. Mad for Matte 2 Palette

E.L.F Mad for Matte 2 Palette is the best option for girls who love hitting matte into everything.

E.L.F Mad for Matte 2 Palette

Also for endless color options opt for its Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette.

L’Oréal Infallible Paints Blush Palette

Infallible Paints Blush Palette

The Infallible Paints Blush Palette from L’Oréal is a BIG “YES.” Why? Because the flattering rosy, hot pink, and coral hues are never going to fade away from the beauty regimen ever.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

The 18 creamy lip tints on the Lip Palette can be applied any way you want. You may go with a single shade or mix two or more for perfectly glossy lips.

Let me know which palette is your go-to solution for touch ups and makeup on-the-run.