Breaking Free


Girl Child


It was the same day, the same me, the same earth, the same sky, but I felt like a bird, a bird who could fly high up in the sky, who could soar up and down with the wind, it was my first flight, my first step out of the cage.

For once in my life, I was free…not bound by any chains of society, or obligation, of rites or rituals.

It was the day my daughter set me free, free from the shackles of a miserable life. She is my saviour because for her I saved myself.

In my womb she asked, the centuries old question, the same unanswered question, the same hushed question, the same question that must never be asked, the same question, what is my crime?

There was a day, I had decided to end it all. That day, she cried, her question echoed in my body, it rung through me like the bells of temple, it was the day, I replied, the same forbidden question…

I caressed my womb, I lulled her to sleep, I told her, dear child, you have set me free.

From that day onward, I lived inside me.

Some bit me, some crushed me, some hit me, some burnt me, but they did not know, they could not reach me,for the cage was deserted, the bird had flown, it was out of their reach now.

For they had only my body, they could only torture thence, its the mind that is strong, to which they had lost access…

My daughter, my unborn child, she guided my very soul, she was my goal, as I made my way unsuspecting, finding my allies, sorting my options, I knew I could not lose…

With head held high, I took hold of my destiny, the day I declared, ENOUGH, no more torture I bear henceforth…

It was a woman who held me down, and it were women, who held me up. I had stretched my hand asking for help, and I did not realize when I got a chain of helping hands, securing hands, uplifting hands, young hands, old hands, loving hands, caring hands, wise hands.

The chain of “feeble” feminine hands brought terror in the hearts of devils, devils who wanted to snatch and crush the soul in my body.

I heard a voice in me again, waking from her innocent sleep,

“This is the way to do it, this is the way it can only be”

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